13 May 2015
I was so lucky to come across Visaaus before lodgment of my application. My case was assessed mistakenly by another registered Agent. I was pushing by him to lodge sooner to pay him the rest of contract payment even though I wasn’t eligible at that time.
I requested Leila Reypour to assess my situation as I felt something was wrong in that process. She informed me that I needed three more months experience in that job to be eligible.
I was particularly impressed by her commitment to give a realistic rather than an optimistic vision of the challenges that I would face. She addressed all issues in my case which could be a cause of rejection of my application.
I found Leila extremely reliable and honest as she simply told me that she needs to check the immigration rules when she wasn’t sure. Then she came back with a clear answer which showed she had spent a significant time to make sure an unfailing step is going to be taken in the procedure. This skill often takes years to develop among service providers professionals like migration agents, but it seemed to come perfectly naturally to her.
She not only flawlessly handled the application for me but helped us with the actual move. We arrived in Australia and went straight to our house which was rented and partly furnished by the necessary appliances and furniture. We didn’t pay for the hotel or so, even for one night and didn’t engage in hustle and bustle of renting and buying.
Leila has earned my highest recommendation. I have confidently recommended her to my friends and family as well.
Nadia Rasouli
12 May 2015
I worked with migration agents in the past, but have not come across an agent who has been so professional in her approach and in her care and diligence in helping clients out on an individual and personalized level. I have recommended Leila to my family and friends and have all the confidence that they are in good hands.
Farahnaz Jafari
05 May 2015
If you go through visa processing you will find how beneficial for you to have a clear prospective of what you are going to do to get your visa be granted. Even just one wrong step in this way might cause to delay or even refusal in your visa outcome. So, there is no doubt, if you have an experienced agent along with you during your visa processing, it will be easy and delightful to go thought such huge paper work for visa.
But unfortunately, some of the agents when you are going to contact them just try to evade answer your questions directly .They just want to get you as their client before answer even your simplest questions. For me and I think for most of you , it is very important to see your agent is more care about your visa outcome even more than you rather than just thinking to how getting more money from you.
I am really so lucky to come crossed with Ms Leila Reypour. She is totally what I expected from an expert agent.
Leila has many years’ experience as a registered migration agent along with so many successful cases.
She is kind of a person who there is no end for her to stop in regards to improving herself as a number one. I found her so updated with migration news, changes of rules as she is so active and even working at the weekends.
Beside her admirable professional abilities, she is so friendly and has an incompatible patience in dealing with her clients. And in one word, she is more client- ordinated than any one.
I highly recommend her for anyone who is looking for such an agent described above.
Zahra Rahimpour
22 April 2015
I really believe Ms. Raypour is professional in her job. My family and I could grant immigration visa to Australia with following her recommendations. Sometimes we had discussion with her during this process, but now, I know she never recommend something that has not any chances. She knows laws very good and chooses the best way to be success. Also, when our visa issued, we had some problem and she supported us and never forget us.
We strongly recommend her if you want to move to Australia. I would like to thank you very deeply for being by my side in this process. Although you were far away from us, but I felt you always were beside.
Mohammad Ali Razdar
27 March 2015
Dear Leila, I wanted to thank you once more for all the effort you put in until i got my PR. Even though i tried couple of different migration agents i should say non of them where as helpful and informative as you were. I am glad that i finally made contact with you and made everything a lot easier for myself. No doubt with your knowledge and hard work all your clients will be as happy as i am and i will make sure to pass on the good word about your work. Thanks again and all the best. Regards Mehdi
Mohammad Mehdi Mohammadi
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