17 March 2015
It was hard to find someone who I could trust with my permanent residency application, but thankfully, one of my friends recommended Visa Aus. It is now time to recommend Leila to anyone who wish to migrate to Australia. Leila is a professional, reliable, dedicated immigration agent who seeks trough Australia immigration law to assure that your application is accurate and efficient enough to satisfy Australian needs.
I have been trough an unwanted difficulty which made me hopeless, but her kind and prompt services solved all the problems and finally it is a pleasure to advice that I could get my permanent residency visa in less than year. I strongly believe that it was impossible to achieve this dream without her conduction, skills and abilities.
Saeed Montazery
17 February 2015
I recommend Ms Leila Rey Pour as the professional registered migration agent (owner at VISA Aus).

I found her to be consistently supportive, reliable and considerate.

Ms Reypour is a take-charge person who is able to present creative ideas and communicate the benefits.
She is very well organized, diligent in her work, easily reachable and always on time.

I would highly recommend her as the professional registered migration agent.
Bloureh Soltani
11 February 2015
Dear Mrs. Reypour

We are very glad to receive your letter about our Grant Visa. We would like to thank you for giving such a useful immigration service to us. It was a great experience for us to be one of your clients in our immigration process. As we told everyone, your great responsibility, proficiency and ingenuity are undeniable, in the way that, you always provided us helpful advises. We are sorry if we caused you any trouble, but we cannot express to you how much we appreciated your professional managing on our immigration process.

Many Thanks Leila …. Many Thanks VISA AUS
Alireza, Sholeh and Nika
11 February 2015
I strongly believe that Mrs. Reypour is one of the most professional and reliable immigration agents whom I met till today. Her great responsibility, proficiency and ingenuity are undeniable, in the way that, she always provides her clients helpful advises.
At first it seems that the immigration process is an easy way. But, there are lots of unforeseen and unique problems (as in my case) which could completely destroy your immigration process. It was a great experience for me when I saw Mrs. Reypour`s full knowledge about immigration laws and new rules when she was studying, managing and solving my case problems.
Many thanks Mrs. Reypour … Many thanks VISA AUS
Alireza Tavakolian
10 February 2015
Significantly efficient and professional " is that comes to mind when I think about Mrs Leila Reypour. She expertly filled the role of immigration agent for my family for just over a year.
I was particulary impressed by leila's ability to handle different and difficult immigaration files.Mrs Reypour 's creative thinking, expertise, positive can-do attitude and drive made her an absolute pleasure to work with .
Any client would be lucky to have VISA AUS as a reliable immigration agency
Sholeh Faezi
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