12 February 2014
When I first contacted Leila in 2008, I was frustrated with my visa application, before her I had another migration agent that during 2 years just had lodged my application. Leila explained all possibilities in a simple way. After she accepted our application, she communicated with us and DIAC in a timely manner, she was very reliable and gave us good advice that resulted in granting a skilled migration visa much sooner than what we hoped.
I recommended her to 2 of my friends and they both got their visas and are in Australia now.
I highly recommend her as she is very punctual, has a deep knowledge of the application process and requirements and is very reliable.
Anna Vakil
11 February 2014
I was one of Leila's client. She is very reliable, punctual, has in depth knowledge of immigration laws and pays attention to detail.
Working with her was a pleasant experience. She got exceptional customer service and communication skills and follows up the case until gets the result. I gladly recommended her to my friends who also got great result regarding their cases.
Anoush Emam
20 January 2014
Dear Mrs. Reypour,
I appreciate your time and support during last two years. Visa Aus will be recommended, as I have done before, to my friends who are looking for a high profile agent like you. Once again, thank you and all the best.
Mohammad Javadi
17 January 2014
I strongly recommend Ms Leila Reypour as the professional registered migration agent. I have found her to be a supportive, valuable, and reliable. Ms Leila Reypour has a positive attitude and is always willing to help. I am very impressed with her skills, ability to find creative solutions, and organizing time efficiently.
Ali B Soltani
11 January 2014
Mrs Leila Reypour is one of the most skillful and knowledgeable immigration lawyers, who could lead your immigration process to success. I would like to thank her for all her support and guidance
Saeed Roozbahani
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