New Visas with Queensland Nomination

New Visas with Queensland Nomination

Please note that Queensland started nominating applicants for subclass 491.


If you are living in QLD:

  • You need to have 65 points and have an occupation in QLD list
  • If you want to apply for provisional visas 491, you must be LIVING and WORKING full-time post qualification in REGIONAL Queensland in your nominated occupation for the past 3 months.
  • provide evidence of ongoing employment with a Queensland employer for a further 12 months

If you are living offshore


  • have a points test result of 65 and have have an occupation on the QLD Skilled Occupation
  • provide evidence that you have a minimum of 2 years’ post-qualification work experience in your nominated
  • commit to living and working in Queensland from the date that you arrive in Queensland to live permanently; and


If you are an PhD graduate, you may be eligible for a work experience requirement waiver if you have a minimum 12 month job offer with a Queensland employer registered in Australia. The job offer must be related to your occupation, and evidence is required showing acceptance of the offer.




VISA Aus has significant expertise in obtaining Student and Guardian visas. One of the main benefits of using VISA Aus to assist with your  application is that we can lodge a "decision-ready" application on your behalf. This will lead to significantly faster processing than lodging directly with the Department of Immigration.

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