South Australia & NSW Migration Updates

South Australia & NSW Migration Updates

New South Wales (NSW) to Reopen 190 State Nomination Program from 14 July 2014

The NSW State Government has announced that they will reopen their State Migration Plan from 14 July 2014. This means that it will be possible to apply for nomination for the Skilled - Nominated Subclass 190 visa. Nominations for this type of visa have been closed since December 2013. Subclass 190 gives applicants permanent residence, and allows them to live anywhere in the nominating state (including Sydney).

NSW will introduce a number of new initiatives in 2014/15 which are designed to align the NSW Skilled Nominated visa program with the skills requirements of the NSW economy. Key points about the program in 2014/15 are:
Applications for 2014-15 will be lodged electronically through a new online system
Applications will be open for four intakes per year with a maximum of 1000 applications per intake
Application intakes will remain open for 4-6 weeks
The NSW Skilled Occupation List will be expanded and will include all occupations on the 2013/14 NSW Skilled Occupation ListNSW runs the Skilled Nominated program in order to attract highly skilled people in a range of occupations to contribute to NSW future skills needs. As the program is rolled out over 2014/15, NSW will closely monitor the program and will adjust eligibility criteria, including occupational eligibility, as required.

NSW Trade & Investment - Skilled Nominated Migration

South Australia Migration updates 2014/15 program year

South Australia has changed its occupation list for 2014/15 program.
Below are some of the new occupations added to the State Occupation List:
• Advertising Manager
• Regional Education Manager
• Special needs teacher
• Art Administrator or Manager
• Nurse Practitioner
• Finance Broker
• Financial Investment Manager
View the full list here.

IELTS requirements (for most occupations) have been reduced to six in each band score to align with DIBP requirements. All score requirements are published on the State Occupation List.

We're recognizing applicants' commitment to South Australia
Applicants who have worked in South Australia for the last 12 months in a skilled occupation * have access to a more extensive occupation list. View point 5 and 6 in the eligibility requirements section.

International graduates of South Australia
We’ve reduced the skilled work experience requirement from 30 hours per week to 20 hours per week.
View point 5, 6 and 8 in the eligibility requirements section.

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