Australia is the world’s dream destination

Australia is the world’s dream destination

A survey of more than 50,000 people worldwide found the two countries tied as the No.1 place on travellers’ wish lists as places they’d visit if money was no object.

The US, France and New Zealand rounded out the top five, the research, conducted as part of TripAdvisor’s TripBarometer report, found.

But when it comes to Australian travellers, we’d rather be overseas than enjoying our own sought-after attractions.

Australians’ top dream destinations are Canada and Italy, while the US was the most popular place where Aussies actually plan to visit in the next year.

Among families worldwide, Australia was the No.1 most popular destination, while among millennials, Italy just pipped Australia for the title.

And among retirees, the two countries tied as the most desirable destinations.

The survey also found Australians are planning more international holidays but fewer domestic trips than this time last year.

The No.1 holiday type that appeals to Australian travellers is culture, followed by “a trip where I learn something new” and then beaches.

1. Australia & Italy

3. US

4. France

5. New Zealand

6. Caribbean

7. Greece

8. Japan

9. Spain

10. Switzerland