Fraud Alert

Fraud Alert

By Leila Reypour
MARN 0848264

The below important information has been published to inform the clients, that The ACS is aware of organisations who are ‘selling’ ACS RPL forms and has in place measures to ensure that the integrity of the documentation remains intact.

ACS RPL forms are vetted to ensure the information is not plagiarised either from an external source or another applicants RPL form.

In accordance with the Skill Assessment Guidelines for Applicants –

It is your responsibility to indicate when you have drawn on the work of others. Other people’s original ideas and methods should be clearly distinguished, and other people’s words, illustrations and diagrams should be clearly indicated regardless of whether they are copied exactly, paraphrased, or adapted.

Failure to acknowledge your source by clear citation and referencing constitutes plagiarism. All plagiarism will be assessed as not suitable and reported to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection.

If plagiarism is detected an application will be finalised as unsuitable and the application fee will not be refunded.

Any subsequent applications will need to be submitted as a new application and will require the new application fee.


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