CDR Ghost Writers

CDR Ghost Writers

By Leila Reypour
MARN 0848264

To get an assessment for an Engineer occupation, applicants from certain countries need to show Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) for their qualifications to be assessed.

As Migration Agents, we may receive proposals of external writers to write career episodes for our clients. We may also encounter clients who openly ask whether they can use the services of an external writer to write their CDR.

Please know that applicants are required to write their career episodes and summary statement themselves. The essays are used to determine the applicant's competency in technical matters as well as in written English.

Engineers Australia does not hesitate to issue negative outcomes to applicants using the services of a ghost writer as it breaches the statement made that the career episodes are their own work and a true representation of their competence in written English.

Engineers Australia also uses plagiarism detection software to determine whether material was copied from the internet or other applicants as Engineers Australia seek to protect applicants who did the work of writing their career episodes themselves.